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…for our employees, for each other and even for those who were not that lucky in their lives and need our help. Initiative #ARTINcares includes financial support, moreover blood donation or little good deeds in everyday life.

#ARTINCARES initiative stands on three pillars:

Charity budget

Every one of us gets 2 000 CZK every year and decides how this amount is going to be devided between chosen organisations. In 2018 we donated 244 000 CZK through charity budget. In 2019 308 000 CZK!


We love to have fun and even more we love to combine fun with good things. Charity raffle, charity auction or charity sweet bar? There is always something happening in ARTIN.

Benefit points

Every one of us can donate part of his benefit points for a good thing. How much money is it going to be and where they are going to is only in hands of ARTIN people.

How do we help in ARTIN?

We know that every single help counts. Therefore, when we have our Christmas party, summer barbecue or another company event, there is always some charity involved. Get inspired…

We donate blood.

Several times a year. In 2018 and 2019 we gave 13,7 litres of this rare liquid.

We do sweet charity bar.

Those who can, bake. Those who prefer to eat, buy what the others baked. And we all help. In 2017 money from sweet charity bar helped to build the school in Ethiopia. In 2019 we donated money to the organization Krtek that helps oncologically ill children.

We do auctions.

In the occasion of 20th anniversary of ARTIN we organized an auction of the artifacts that were part of ARTIN history. We collected 44 400 CZK that helped endowment fund KRTEK.

We run to support.

We were part of a “minirace” – a 1055-meter-long race. An amount of 12 000 CZK was donated to the Association for Early Intervention.

We helped to develop the educational trail.

With other organisaions we supported the project “Family educational trail Klucanina”.

Which organizations did we support?

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