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Balotio is a software solution for digital voting – instant, reliable and transparent voting that takes place anywhere and is adaptable to the rules of organizations. Complements the traditional “face-to-face” or “offline” decision-making processes, thus increasing the safety of the participants.

The Balotio product is primarily intended for two target groups:

1. Non-profit organizations (NGOs)
Nongovernmental organizations
International non-governmental organizations
Non-governmental organizations organized by the government
Hybrid NGOs
Environmental NGOs
Public charities

2. Commercial organizations
Chambers of Commerce
Joint ventures
Private foundations

The Balotio platform is developed by ARTIN Solutions, a company belonging to the ARTIN group. ARTIN Solutions is a technologically savvy software company operating on the global market. We are constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiency and thus deliver the highest possible added value to clients from all over the world. The result of the creative and high-quality work of the company and its people are simply the right solutions.

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