Telecommunication 1 ARTIN has rich experience in software services. The specialization on consulting in telecommunication belongs to our prominent strengths. It includes two complex systems: OSS and BSS that cooperate with one another. OSS – Operational Support Systems are software applications that support, direct, supply and sustain the back-office activities in TELCO network. OSS is used mainly for [...] Insurance 1 In this area we cooperate one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. We have created an illustrative system for them – an application for brokers and agents of the insurance company – that is used to sell their insurance products. After filling in the basic information about a client, the user of [...] Banking 1 Within the banking sector, we’ve helped multiple clients to improve their internal systems or print solutions for the bank’s clientele. Sometimes we have come up with new solutions, custom-made for the company. We provide a customization module for ČSOB active form and their integration across the Bank’s system. Within the framework of the project [...] Non-profit sector 1 Tee-pee | Membership management system Tee-pee is a Artin Platform which offers better and more efficient cooperation between people inside organisation, sharing information, events with calendar and more about members and units depending on the roles and permissions. New feature is document management and aligning function in accordance with the law on personal data protection [...]