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Within the banking sector, we’ve helped multiple clients to improve their internal systems or print solutions for the bank’s clientele. Sometimes we have come up with new solutions, custom-made for the company.

We provide a customization module for ČSOB active form and their integration across the Bank’s system. Within the framework of the project and the implementation of Output Engine (print resolution) we were preparing the installation documentation for GMC supply products.

Within the projects for Komerční banka, the goal is to create the supporting application for trade representation enabling: financial planning and solutions (design of specific financial products). We are making support for testing and Java development.

For Česká spořitelna we have created a DocxProcessor that extends the capabilities of the GMC product giving controlled, editable documents within the framework of credit documentation preparation. This includes support for generating and inserting a barcode into DOCX documents.

And we have supported also marketing activities for former Slovak bank ZUNO. Our company has prepared an interactive Web application (a game) for attracting new customers.

Industry solutions



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