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In this area we cooperate one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. We have created an illustrative system for them – an application for brokers and agents of the insurance company – that is used to sell their insurance products. After filling in the basic information about a client, the user of this application is able to generate insurance offers that are then presented to the client for approval.

ARTIN reacted to the problem and also to the challenge that our client brought to our attention. The potential clients of the insurance companies many times feel lost in the amount of conditions and offers. Explaining the insurance products, as well as the insurance process itself, is very time consuming. The situation was not made any easier by the number of forms that were mostly filled in by hand. So it gave birth to a thought of having a illustrative insurance system which would eliminate these problems.

The web application based on HTML5 technology serves to create business offers and to illustrate their summary, time frame and comparing. Its biggest asset is that it is functional also offline. The data is automatically stored in the browser, and when the internet connection becomes available the data are synchronized and stored automatically.

This application makes it easier for agents and brokers to sell specific products to customers. After filling in the basic information about a client, those using this system are able to generate insurance offers and then present them to the client for approval. When the insurance offer is accepted, the agent confirms signing the contract in the system and sends the offer to be processed. The technology runs on a cloud solution which enables a connection with the central system from whatever device that ARTIN operates. The system is available 24/7 and stores all the data necessary for the work of brokers and agent.

With this application we helped our client to make the insurance process eight times faster, eliminated the paperwork by 80 % with the goal of reaching 100 %, lowered the error rate of filling in contracts, increased the sales and lowered the costs.

What our clients say:„Dosiahli sme spustenie dobre zakončeného projektu, s jedinečnými hodnotami, s mnohými rozličnými funkciami a s najmodernejšou platformou. Je to Vaše dieťa, ktoré sľubuje rast do krásy.“

  • We developed a responsive web application that works on notebooks, as well as other mobile devices, that is functional even offline.
  • We got rid of 80 % of paperwork in the insurance process and made it eight times faster.
  • The technologies that have been used by our agile development were: HTML 5, JAVA, JavaScript, MySQL, MSSQL, Boostrap, JIRA, Jenkins, etc.
  • The application can be continually broadened by new accessories and is updated on a regular basis according to client’s request.
  • The cloud solution allows us to log on the central system that is accessible 24/7.

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