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ARTIN has rich experience in software services. The specialization on consulting in telecommunication belongs to our prominent strengths. It includes two complex systems: OSS and BSS that cooperate with one another.

OSS – Operational Support Systems are software applications that support, direct, supply and sustain the back-office activities in TELCO network. OSS is used mainly for planning network and its structure, for support and for the needs of the engineering team of the service provider. The OSS for telecommunications is one of the key competences of ARTIN.

BSS – Business Support System includes software applications that support front-office activities. These are the ones that the users are able to see and work with, such as Billing, Order Management, Customer Relationship Management, Call Centre Automation.

Since 2002 we provide OSS solutions focusing on network inventory, network planning & design, service fulfillment and service assurance for telecommunication service providers of various sizes in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and countries of Benelux Union. We use platforms of leading world manufacturers, such as Amdocs or NetCracker, but also of smaller innovative suppliers, such as Systems Mechanics, Cross or Ontology. We combine the product knowledge with our own tools, experience and know-how, in order to provide effective solutions to address specific business problems of our customers.

When the Czech T-Mobile decided to renew its network, we took care of the installation of the new equipment into OSS. Our consulting helped the Czech T-Mobile team to accelerate the network development and to improve the quality.

Hutchison 3G (H3G), another of our prominent clients, is one of the biggest telecommunication associations in Austria, and it provides services from direct line to mobile networking. Recently our team has broadened the CRM system of the operator and it takes part in transferring customer information. CRM is built on PeopleSoft technology, and the customers data are stored in ORACLE databases. We take part in developing the integrated interfaces that communicate with a lot of systems ( HLR, TIBCO, …).

  • We continually invest in developing the OSS competence, resulting in a vast portfolio of services that cover the entire OSS projects life cycle.
  • Our enthusiasm for this field is shown by our new cooperation with OSS Line, a specialized portal focused on generating useful information, in order to help the OSS community to make qualified decision on OSS projects and systems.


  • Describe your problem, initiative or project and we will come up with an effective but at the same time affordable solution for you. The whole process consists of three easy steps:

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