ARTIN has rich experience in software services. The specialization on consulting in telecommunication belongs to our prominent strengths. It includes two complex systems: OSS and BSS that cooperate with one another.

OSS – Operational Support System, are software applications that support, direct, supply and sustain the back-office activities in TELCO network. OSS is used mainly for planning network and its structure, for support and for the needs of the engineering team of the service provider. The OSS for telecommunications is one of the key competences of ARTIN.

BSS – Business Support System includes software applications that support front-office activities. These are the ones that the users are able to see and work with, such as Billing, Order Management, Customer Relationship Management, Call Centre Automation.

Since 2002 we provide OSS solutions focusing on network inventory, network planning & design, service fulfillment and service assurance for telecommunication service providers of various sizes in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and countries of Benelux Union. We use platforms of leading world manufacturers, such as Amdocs or NetCracker, but also of smaller innovative suppliers, such as Systems Mechanics, Cross or Ontology. We combine the product knowledge with our own tools, experience and know-how, in order to provide effective solutions to address specific business problems of our customers.

When the Czech T-Mobile decided to renew its network, we took care of the installation of the new equipment into OSS. Our consulting helped the Czech T-Mobile team to accelerate the network development and to improve the quality. For more information click on: Case study of T-Mobile.

Hutchison 3G (H3G), another of our prominent clients, is one of the biggest telecommunication associations in Austria, and it provides services from direct line to mobile networking. Recently our team has broadened the CRM system of the operator and it takes part in transferring customer information. CRM is built on PeopleSoft technology, and the customers data are stored in ORACLE databases. We take part in developing the integrated interfaces that communicate with a lot of systems ( HLR, TIBCO, …).

We would also like to mention another Austrian client that deals with telecommunication – TELE2 company. It is an Austrian subsidiary of a Swedish telecommunication operator that concentrates on direct lines in Austria and recently works on developing a self-service portal SelfCare. We cooperate on front-end development and test the environment and application. This client has the ambition to become a virtual mobile operator, and we provide them help by our IT testing.

  • We continually invest in developing the OSS competence, resulting in a vast portfolio of services that cover the entire OSS projects life cycle.
  • Our enthusiasm for this field is shown by our new cooperation with OSS Line, a specialized portal focused on generating useful information, in order to help the OSS community to make qualified decision on OSS projects and systems.


  • Describe your problem, initiative or project and we will come up with an effective but at the same time affordable solution for you. The whole process consists of three easy steps:

In this area we cooperate one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. We have created an illustrative system for them – an application for brokers and agents of the insurance company – that is used to sell their insurance products. After filling in the basic information about a client, the user of this application is able to generate insurance offers that are then presented to the client for approval.

ARTIN reacted to the problem and also to the challenge that our client brought to our attention. The potential clients of the insurance companies many times feel lost in the amount of conditions and offers. Explaining the insurance products, as well as the insurance process itself, is very time consuming. The situation was not made any easier by the number of forms that were mostly filled in by hand. So it gave birth to a thought of having a illustrative insurance system which would eliminate these problems.

The web application based on HTML5 technology serves to create business offers and to illustrate their summary, time frame and comparing. Its biggest asset is that it is functional also offline. The data is automatically stored in the browser, and when the internet connection becomes available the data are synchronized and stored automatically.

This application makes it easier for agents and brokers to sell specific products to customers. After filling in the basic information about a client, those using this system are able to generate insurance offers and then present them to the client for approval. When the insurance offer is accepted, the agent confirms signing the contract in the system and sends the offer to be processed. The technology runs on a cloud solution which enables a connection with the central system from whatever device that ARTIN operates. The system is available 24/7 and stores all the data necessary for the work of brokers and agent.

With this application we helped our client to make the insurance process eight times faster, eliminated the paperwork by 80 % with the goal of reaching 100 %, lowered the error rate of filling in contracts, increased the sales and lowered the costs.

  • The technologies that have been used by our agile development were: HTML 5, JAVA, JavaScript, MySQL, MSSQL, Boostrap, JIRA, Jenkins, etc.
  • The application can be continually broadened by new accessories and is updated on a regular basis according to client’s request.
  • The Cloud solution allows us to log on the central system that is accessible 24/7.

Every company communicates with its customers, partners, employees or civil servents. This communication uses various types of documents (letters, invoices, account statements, emails, and many more) in printed or electronic form. In many cases, these documents are created directly from information systems or on the basis of the data contained in them.

Very often it is the composition of the documents being dealt with within the individual systems and ‘templates’ that are defined by using various technologies or directly bt coding. It is extremely difficult to maintain and, where appropriate, to develop a consistent style and/or visual communication procedure for example when archiving outgoing correspondence.

Artin offers the implementation of a centralised solution for controlled composition and distribution of documentation (‘printing solutions’) based on proven technology and products and at the same time enables the customer to customise to their specific requirements and processes.

Our typically implemented printing solution ensures the receipt and validation of the request against the composition and distribution of documentation. On the basis of the request, the system sets the parameters for processing and selection of templates for each document (if beneficial).

Documents are created using the selected templates that are completed with data from the request (or other systems). Documents are converted into the required output formats, for example, PostScript for printing, a PDF version for sending back to the source system and TIFF for filing. Our compositions are ‘one-pass’. In the case of printing a document, it is possible to combine multiple documents into a single consignment, consignments are assigned to each of the envelopes although can still be categorised into packages according to the requirements of the post. Of course there is a supplement for the OMR marks or barcodes for the management of insertion lines and any complementary or attached stations.

Business Intelligence

How is your company managed?
Simply by intuition? Or is it based on tables and graphs in MS Excel created for every decision? Or is it based on independent data in various information systems?

How would you like the idea of a single transparent web page containing all important indicators about your company needed for funded decisions? Graphs and information always kept up-to-date and merged from all the departments? All key indicators located in one place? And all of these accessible to relevant people anytime, anywhere?

This is the way company management supports Business Intelligence (BI) built on GoodData platform

Business Intelligence by Artin
We are not obsessed with graphs or data here in Artin. We do not haggle with numbers and data tables. We do concentrate on a measurable contribution for your business. Your data needs to be used effectively – support decision-making, allow expense reduction and profit maximization.

Are you interested in HW and SW technologies for Business Intelligence? No? We can free you of implementation details. Using the GoodData platform, that runs in the cloud and is provided as a service (SaaS), we can relieve you of need to purchase hardware, database licenses, etc. The cost of implementing our BI solution are low thanks to SaaS model. Our model also allows rapid solution-based rollout (days to weeks) and it requires no system maintenance.

Do you want to manage your company based on facts?
Step one: Contact us and request personalized analysis. Implementation of BI is highly individual issue.

Three means of cooperation are offered

  • Technological support for BI – we shall run the GoodData platform for you. We shall make sure the basic settings are proper and the process of integrating your data runs flawlessly. Your analysts can then create solutions for improving your business. The process of installation and full utilization of BI is left up to you.
  • Full implementation of BI – we shall install the GoodData platform for you. We shall perform business analysis of your company and together with you identify the key areas for growth of your company. We shall suggest solutions for stimulating business growth in key areas. We shall introduce fact-based decision-making by common efforts. The result will be improved company profitability as a result of quality of decisions and management.
  • Combined implementation – combination of first and second possibility. Based on your individual needs we shall choose the appropriate degree of cooperation. We shall fully guarantee the technological side of things, but the business side shall be covered by common efforts of your experts and us. Therefore we will primarily assist in full integration of BI into your company.

Process of implementation

Implementation of BI consists of following steps:

  • Identification of needsof your business
  • Mapping your data resources
  • Setting the process for automatic loading of your data (ETL)into the GoodData cloud
  • Creation of appropriate dashboards, graphs and reports for improving your decision making
  • SettingBI improvement processes

Your data are modelled using graphic modelling tools. Afterwards, data is integrated from all your internal (meaning database, CSV, Excel files, etc.) and external (meaning Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter etc.) sources. Updated data is periodically loaded into the GoodData cloud. The process of integration and loading of data to the cloud is also called ETL – extract, transform, load. The ETL process is platform independent and is supported by high-performance GoodData tools, that speed-up the process.

Web interface allows your analysts to easily add and modify graphs, dashboards, metrics and ask ad-hoc questions.

Our experience
The user experience with the GoodData platform is a positive one. Thanks to SaaS model and support tools the implementation of BI is simple and cost-effective. The solution created tends to be comprehensible and transparent for the customer. The BI solution build on GoodData is accepted by customers at above average rates (Gartner – Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, 2013).

In order for the BI implementation to be successful (by Gartner, 70% of corporate implementations of BI are failures) in Artin we build our solution based on these pillars:

  • Understanding the real needs of your business
  • Setting clear criteria for success of BI solution
  • Targeting for the future
  • Using the strength and efficiency of the GoodData platform

The aim of our BI solution is to consistently, quickly and precisely answer the most pressing questions of your business.

The next step is up to you
If you agree with our vision of BI and fact-based management, do not hesitate to contact us – We shall help you create a proper BI solution based on your individual needs.

Tee-pee | Membership management system

Tee-pee is a Artin Platform which offers better and more efficient cooperation between people inside organisation, sharing information, events with calendar and more about members and units depending on the roles and permissions. New feature is document management and aligning function in accordance with the law on personal data protection (GDPR).

This is our own product, which is in the production version since 2015. We are delivering this solution to organisations in Slovak republic and in Europe with a plan to expand further into the world. Our goal is to increase efficiency in membership management, increase engagement of members and provide a high level of reliability and security.