Testing & quality assurance

ARTIN Solutions is serious about testing! This domain is gaining more and more attention in our area, and our testing team is growing every year. Some testers are willing to risk their own lives, for example when testing our robot-car. We have also decided to contribute to testing and so we have invested in Tesabot, which develops an intelligent framework for fast and simple automated testing. To keep up with the latest practices and methods, we regularly train our entire testing team and we are the golden partner of ISTQB program.

Test Management

We have certified test managers and we can manage the whole testing project in your company. Or we can be just cover for your testing team. Depending on the needs, we will propose the most appropriate testing strategy and set the plan of testing, test team, goals and milestones to fit your project. Whether it will be a waterfall or agile development model. We identify the areas for automated testing and help you set up the priority of the tested areas. We maintain the testing at scheduled times through the entire project thanks to careful reporting and defect tracking.

Test Analysis

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the production phase of your project, in the analytical phase of testing, we place great emphasis on testing all scenarios of the system. For this purpose, our analysts are regularly educated and within the team we have three ISTQB certified analyst tests at an advanced level. It doesn’t matter in what form is documentation, our analysts can handle detailed technical specifications and also business requirements. Based on the documentation we work with you, we try to understand the functioning of the system and identify not only positive test scenarios but also focus on margin and negative cases.

Test Performance

All of our testers receive basic ISTQB certification to understand and adopt test processes and concepts, which improves the quality of work and reduces misunderstandings within the testing team. Thanks to our methodology review and experience, our testers are not just tests performers. They also give a little bit of their passion and knowledge to everything and they try to contribute to better software quality with analyzing the identified defects. When the defect is identified, it is reported in detail, so the developers have every important information about it.

Test Automation

We realize that testing is a repetitive activity, and when a person does this activity again and again, he does not enjoy it or loses motivation to do the best. That is why we prefer to leave regression tests and tests where is not added human value to the robots. So our testers can do more interesting tasks. We are trying to identify which tests  are suitable for automated testing so we increase the coverage of regression tests. We are reducing the risks of inserting the defect into the already-done code. We can establish on existing automated tests or we can build automated tests from the beginning.