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SANAE and ARTIN join forces in the field of software testing

08. 09. 2020

SANAE and ARTIN join forces in the field of software testing

After successful long-term cooperation, SANAE and ARTIN decided to join the forces and found a new company that will operate in the software testing area, but more importantly sharing the common vision, values and goals. The new company – SANAE Slovakia – will serve as a competence center for Quality Assurance (QA) for the Slovak branch of ARTIN and will develop relationships with the new and existing customers in the field of outsourcing QA solutions.

“We are happy that SANAE is joining the ARTIN group and expanding our team of experienced QA consultants. This move will create a platform for further development of the software testing competence and will help us to grow and fulfil our company mission – move software solutions forward where we are the inspiration for others,” commented Marek Fukas, director of ARTIN in Slovakia.

“We expect that by the support of the strong ARTIN group, SANAE Slovakia will increase its market position while preserving the long built SANAE brand. We will continue to develop the QA competencies and support the software testing community on both regional and national level, organize regular QA meet-ups and conferences,” added Oliver Olšovský, executive director of SANAE Slovakia.

Please join us in wishing the new company a lot of success in accordance with Henry Ford’s words:

„Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.“

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